Coffee in Good Spirits

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Coffee in Good Spirits

Coffee and Good Spirit, the world of excellent coffee and the noblest alcohol pairs!


Attila has been closely associated with the world of Cocktail for over 23 years. He started his career in the Cocktail world and pursued it competitively. Furthermore, the French company MONIN syrup has been the BRAND DEVELOPMENT & COFFEE INOVATION DIRECTOR for more than 5 years, so an up-to-date bar culture has been part of his life. In Attila’s barista racing career, it should be noted that he was outstanding for his creative drinks and is able to share recipes and “pairing” techniques armed with classic and up-to-date trends.


Recommended for novice baristas, coffee lovers, home coffee drinkers and anyone interested in hands-on experience from the perspective of a four-time barista champion.


The price of the training includes lunch and refreshments on both days, and participants will receive a package of specialty coffee as a gift. If you need accommodation, contact us at!



With the purchased E-voucher, you are free to choose any of the future dates of the given training. As the trainings are limited in number, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance. The voucher is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase, but this is handled flexibly given the Covid-19 situation.

We hold our trainings in accordance with the legislation currently in force.


After the purchase, please register the vouchered and make an appointment at the email address

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