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One Eleven coffee roaster and barista educational school


One Eleven is not just a specialty coffee roaster, but a unique concept with creative knowledge and honest combined with a professional creed.

We believe that our strength lies in our relationship with tastes and people, which is the best combination to create the perfect coffee.

Beyond our single origin coffees 111 to create a concept, i.e. 111 we are dedicated to roasting specialty coffee for 111 people or “gastro” partners whose work and results we respect. The concept is the creative collaboration itself, the end result of which is a jointly dreamed coffee, which also carries a common message, a creed.


Attila for our partners professional consultant and priority projects its idea owner and project manager not only in Hungary.

Attila is also the head of our Head Roaster and the Education Department.

Kata, as a business and marketing consultant, plays an important role in branding, communication and business strategy.

One Eleven coffee roaster and barista educational school



Coffee has been his life and profession for 15 years.

He began his career as a barista, and has worked through many stages of his career over the years. He started at the beginning of his career at the Hungarian Barista Championship (HBC) and after a year he also made it to the World Barista Championship (WBC). Attila won the Hungarian championship four times (2008, 2009, 2010, 2012), but his life took a big turn when he reached the final place at the 2009 World Championships in Atlanta. A Hungarian competitor did not make it to the final of the World Barista Championship before or since.

Since then, Attila has received several professional opportunities and is still an active and well-known participant in the international coffee life.

After stopping racing, he participated in the judging of several races, including as a sensory judge. Having gained useful knowledge and experience in racing, he opened his own training room in Budapest, where hobby and professional baristas could get acquainted with the world of specialty coffee. It became a popular venue for the small specialty community in Budapest at the time, giving way to a number of community programs. Due to the great interest, he opened his own café, Tamp and Pull Espresso Bart, in the summer of 2012, which was one of the first specialty cafes in Budapest at that time. The success of this project has not lagged behind either, as Tamp and Pull has since been praised by a number of foreign and domestic presses (e.g. CNN and The Guardian online recommendation). The Czuczor Street unit has won the title of the best Hungarian café three times (Dining Guide), but it is also on several top lists every year. The secret to success, we believe, lies in our belief that coffee, barista and expertise are key.

In 2011, Attila became the Hungarian distributor of the English Has Bean brand, which proves to be an important player in the Hungarian coffee revolution. Friendship with Steven Leighton, owner of Has Bean, is the key to our successful business relationship to this day. Today, Attila is also the Hungarian representative of the Italian espresso machine Victoria Arduino (Nuova Simonelli), so by starting the roaster, he can supply his partners from A to Z with professional equipment, his own specialty coffee and expertise. Attila has also been advising larger domestic and international companies and brands for more than 5 years.

Attila is a 2017 special issue of Forbes magazine"Budapest has been made the best city in the world".

One Eleven coffee roaster and barista educational school


Kata the roaster’s marketing communications. Since 2005, he has been connected to gastronomy at several points due to his professional career and private passion. In the course of his work, he has managed several outstanding premium brands (e.g. Monin, Costa Coffee and Tamp and Pull Cafés).