Master Class

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Master Class

A dense, comprehensive training from four-time barista champion Attila Molnár, understandably about everything you can encounter in the world of specialty coffee. All this mixed with your personal point of view and experience.


The training starts with coffee knowledge, so you can gain insight into the life of coffee farmers, get acquainted with the types and production areas of coffee, the different processing methods. You can also learn about the chemistry of water, we will taste waters with different dissolved substances, you will learn the coffee tasting protocol, topics and we will improve your coffee recognition ability, and then you will also gain insight into roasting. You can also learn how filter coffee tools work, both with cold and hot techniques. You will learn all the important details of making the perfect espresso, starting with machine skills. As a final point, we practice the technique of casting the latte art pattern.


Recommended for novice baristas, coffee lovers, home coffee drinkers and anyone interested in hands-on experience from the perspective of a four-time barista champion.


The price of the training includes lunch and refreshments on both days, and participants will receive a package of specialty coffee as a gift. And we end the first day with an exclusive alcohol tasting. If you need accommodation, contact us at!



With the purchased E-voucher, you are free to choose any of the future dates of the given training. As the trainings are limited in number, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance. The voucher is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase, but this is handled flexibly given the Covid-19 situation.


We hold our trainings in accordance with the legislation currently in force.


After the purchase, please register the vouchered and make an appointment at the email address

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