São Joaquim 1000G

São Joaquim 1000G
Roasting profile

Country: Brazil

Region: Sur of Minas de Gerais, Guaxupe 

Farm: Fazenda Ribeiro do Vale Cafés Especiais 

Farmer: Esmerino Joaquim Ribeiro do Vale 

Varietal: Yellow Caturra 

Altutide: 850 m 

Process: Natural

In our opinion: Dark Chocolate, White Grape, Brown Sugar


About this coffee

Personal motivation, constant commitment and love for coffee culture have always guided the work of the Ribeiro do Vale Cafés Especiais company. The founder Esmerino Joaquim Ribeiro do Vale, also known by the nickname Nenzito, comes from a multi-generational coffee growing family, inheriting his dedication to coffee growing from his parents and grandparents. Esmerino Joaquim already managed one of his parents' farms at the age of 18. In 1981, he bought a small piece of land where he started his own business. The Ribeiro do Vale Cafés Especiais organization applies strict production criteria, from the selection of the best quality plants to the final processing of the coffee.

Harvest & post-harvest

The process of coffee cultivation is supervised by highly experienced and qualified personnel. Ripe cherries are harvested by hand. The processing at the farm's washing station begins by placing the cherries in large tubs filled with spring water, in which the cherries are selected by "floating". After the short water process, the cherries are pulped and spread out in the sun to dry. During the 18-20 days spent in the sun, in order to ensure even drying, the workers constantly move the drying coffee beans. At the end of the procedure, the coffee is cleaned in the dry mill and packed ready for shipment.

Roasting profile
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