Premium Indian Tonic Water Pack 8X0,15L

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Premium Indian Tonic Water Pack  8X0,15L
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By mixing the succulent botanical oils with the spring water of “fever trees” from the eastern hills of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the best quality quinine, we made a fine, award-winning tonic water. It is designed to improve the best gins, vodkas and fortified wines such as vermouth, fine sherry and white anthers.



Our premium Indian tonic water uses a handful of different plants, including our characteristic quinine and our Mexican bitter orange oils, to provide a uniquely pure and refreshing taste and aroma.


Main ingredients:

The story of Fever-Tree is the pursuit of the best. In 2004, unhappy with the poor condition of the spirit mixers, founders Tim and Charles walked through the history books and went on maps to find the sources of the best ingredients, and eventually traveled to the end of the earth to obtain them. Our Indian tonic water continues to use quinine from the deep forests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which Tim and Charles found on one of their first trips.


Package contents: 8 x 0.15L / carton

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