What is SCA? A non-profit organization that represents thousands of professionals worldwide, from producers to baristas. The main philosophy of SCA is the openness of profession and sharing of knowledge, while it's primary goal is to become a connecting force, representing the industry.

Specialty coffee is a diverse segment of the industry. The educational programs of SCA are ment to help with self-education and the attainment of professional skills.

Programs taught by certified SCA tutors (AST) offer excellent quality education in every part of the students career.

The Coffee Diploma System is an international educational program created and unified by SCA.

The program contains the following modules:

Introduction to the world of coffee, Barista, Brewing (filterkávé), Sensory (érzékszerv), Green Coffee and Roasting.

Modules are available on three levels: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced.

As part of our courses you are able to try out our esspresso machines, grinders and brewing tools.

You also have the chance to try and work with our Essential, Special, Fancy self-roasted coffees.


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