Christmas Edition Espresso coffee beans 200 g

Christmas Edition Espresso coffee beans 200 g
Roasting profile
Christmas Edition Espresso Coffee 200 g

Country: Uganda

Region: Drugar Rwenzori

Farm: Karangura Peak Cooperativa

Farmer: 683+ farmer, whom works with a Karangura Peak washing station

Variant: Bourbon

Altitude: 1,700 – 2,000 masl

Processing: Natural

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About this Coffee

Karangura Peak Coffee started in 2013 as an association and, in short period of time it developed into a cooperative. The cooperative is located in Kyabwire village (Nyakitokoli Parish) in the Western region of Uganda, and works together with coffee farmers from the region. Its purpose is to impact communities through collective marketing, which in turn will increase coffee sale volumes and maximize profits by enabling farmers to improve their livelihoods and educate their children beyond the primary cycle. 


Harvert and post harvest

We ensure that our coffee is of highest quality right from the start, through our specialized harvesting methods. These include preventing premature coffee harvest by only picking the red cherries when they are ripe as well as picking the individual coffee beans rather than stripping the tree. After carefully handpicking the red cherries, we place them on open drying racks where they are sun-dried. In the meantime, our farmers constantly move around the fruits to ensure even drying, which takes 7-10 days.

Roasting profile
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200 g/pcs
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