Roasting Visit

Roasting Visit

You can get an insight into the mysteries of specialty coffee roasting.


Get an insight into One Eleven’s exclusive coffee roaster plant.


Coffee roasting is the most exciting part of the coffee industry. Roasting is the process by which green coffee is made into the roasted coffee that forms the basis of the coffee beverage. This will make the raw taste smell and aroma.


You can learn defining ground rules in a casual mood.


The main topics of the workshop:


- coffee journey from the farm to the cup,

- roasting theory,

- the importance of sample roasting,

- tasting of different roasted coffees,

- common roasting in the plant.


The smell of freshly roasted coffee captivates and captivates almost everyone.


IMPORTANT, this is not a professional coffee roaster training!


Duration: 4 hours

With the purchased E-voucher, you are free to choose any of the future dates of the given training. As the trainings are limited in number, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance. The voucher is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase, but this is handled flexibly given the Covid-19 situation.


We hold our professional programs in accordance with current legislation.


After the purchase, please register the vouchered and make an appointment at the email address

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