SCA Introduction to Coffee

SCA Introduction to Coffee

The SCA Introduction to Coffee training module is the lowest level of SCA training that anyone can attend without them, even as a beginner.


This is where you should start if you’re thinking about a career change, want to taste different coffees, or are just interested in the coffee journey from farm to cup.

In this 4-hour course you will learn:


- How harvesting and roasting affect flavors.
- How to taste coffee like a pro.
- In addition, we present the most popular filter coffee and espresso techniques.


No coffee training is required to participate.


At the end of the training, participants will receive a specialty coffee “tasting packet” as a gift.


With the purchased E-voucher, you are free to choose any of the future dates of the given training. As the trainings are limited in number, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance. The voucher is valid for 3 months from purchase, but this is handled flexibly given the Covid-19 situation.


We hold our trainings in accordance with the legislation currently in force.


After the purchase, please register the vochered and agree on an email at

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