Nduki 200g

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Nduki 200g
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Conuntry: Kenya

Region: Kiganjo, Kiambu

Farm: Nduki Estate

Farmer: Hannah Ndugu and John Ndugu Maina

Varietal: Ruiru 11

Altitude: 1,960 mals

Process: Fully Washed

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About this coffee

Nduki Estate is a small farm in Kiambu County, Kiganjo Subcounty in Kiamworia, Cental Kenya. Nduki is also the home of Hannah Kiyo Ndugu and John Ndungu Maina, a couple that have producuded coffee for 20 years. But it wasn't always like that, before buying the farm, Hannah ran her own shop selling products of houshold farmers and John was a teacher. In addition to growing coffee, Hannah continues to manage the small shop where she sells dairy products, macadamia nuts and avocados produced on their farm.


Harvest and post-harvest

The farm is located on 1960 meters on the highly productive Western slopes of Aberdare ranges. Soil is deep red loamy volcanic.

Traditionally they are harvesting by hand. Ripe cherries are sorted, washed in water, then pulped and fermented for 36-72 hours - depending on the weather. After fermentation, the coffee beans are washed and soaked, then dried on raised african beds for 12-14 days. Hannah and John also constantly monitor the drying process, moving the coffee often, covering them according to the weather to promote even drying.

Roasting profile
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