Kong Que 1000g

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Kong Que 1000g
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Country: China

Region: Yunnan

Farm: Pu’er Dry Mill

Farmer: 50smallholders delivering to Pu’er Dry Mill

Varietal: Catimor

Altitude: 1,400-1,600 m

Process: Fully Washed

In our opinion: Pink pepper, plum, redcurrant


About this coffee

In China, it's believed that KongQue, thepeacock, brings good fortunes to thefamilies whose land he nests on. This coffee showcases the incredible potential of Yunnan, a relatively novel coffee region. Most people—even coffee professionals—have not encountered coffee from Yunnan, so it is our pleasure to showcase this unique coffee to the public.


Harvert & post-harvest

Most coffee in Yunnan travels through Pu’er where most dry mills areconcentrated. Coffees grown by small to medium sized farmers in higher-altitude villages in Yunnan. All cherry is selectively handpicked. After the harvest, the farmers deliver the cherries to the Pu'er washing station, where their processing begins. As a first step, they check the quality of the fruits by flotation, removing all damaged, underripe and overripe cherries. After sorting, the cherries are mashed and fermented for 10-12 hours, depending on the temperature. During fermentation, the beans are regularly checked to ensure that the fermentation stops at the perfect time. After fermentation is complete, the coffee is passed through a washing channel. The beans are then transported to the drying tables, where they dry slowly for 2-3 weeks, for even drying they are being constantly moved.


Coffee in China

The majority of coffee produced in China is grown inthe Yunnan Province in western China. Keys of the trades are the Yunnan based small villages. Farmers there are supported by the Pu’er Dry Mill experienced team who are committed to delivering coffees to the high quality and ethical representation standards of farmers on the market.

Roasting profile
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