Rutas Del Inca 200g

Rutas Del Inca 200g
Roasting profile

Country: Peru

Region: Querocoto

Farm: Rutas del Inca

Farmer: 268 farmer, whom works with CARI washing stations

Varietal: Caturra & Bourbon

Altitude: 1,600-2,400 m

Process: Washed

In our opinion: SOON!


About this Coffee

CARI was launched on October 26, 2013 under the name COOPERATIVA AGRARIA RUTAS DEL INCA. At first, just an idea. But - In January 2014, CARI was founded by initially 33 coffee growers and registered in the public registry. It currently has 268 members organized in 12 bases distributed in the districts of Querocoto, Querocotillo, Huambos and Llama.
These areas are located at an altitude of 1600 to 2400 meters above sea level and we have a temperate climate. This allows us to produce a special quality that characterizes our coffee. In the past, our Speciality coffees have been rated exclusively + 84.
In 2016, we were awarded the prize for the best company in timely delivery and reliability in agricultural trade and the prize for the youngest successful company in Peru in Mexico, Puerto Vallarda.
In 2017, we won the 6th place in the participation in the Fair of Coffee and Cocoa.
In April 2018, CARI was awarded the prize for the best Peruvian company of 2017. CARI also has two certifications: Organic and Fairtrade. 

Harvest & post-harvest

In order to take better care of our coffee and its processes, the DRYING is done naturally, due to the fact that in the area where we are located we have microclimates that help the coffee to dry slowly allowing it to be uniform throughout the grain, this helps us to obtain a quality product demanded by the international market.

Roasting profile
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200 g/pcs
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