Mutura 250g

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Mutura 250g

Country: Kenya

Region: Embu

Farm: Mutura Estate

Farmer: Madame Jane

Varietal: SL 28

Altitude: 1,520 m

Process: Experiment natural

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Mutura Estate is a farm in Embu, on the border to Kirinyaga, Kenya. Madame Jane is the boss, after taking over the farm from her late husband Mutura.

Madam Jane has 10 000 trees, and a mix of SL and Ruiru, where the later is in majority. Altitude is 1520 masl and all coffee produces is pulped on a small 1 disk pulper, fermented and dried on tables that stand in different shaded spots around the house.

In a program initiates by Kahawa Bora Millers in Thika, Madame Jane decided to try making a natural for the first time in the 19/20 crop. Kahawa Bora advised and monitored the process and agronomists visited regularly to keep en eye on the coffee and assist Jane and her workers. The result was two bags of coffee and Madame Jane is motivated to try more in the harvest to come.

This year Madame Jane did another round of natural processed coffee and ended up with with the same volume as precious year. This year, her ripe red coffee cherry dried for 21 days on her tables.

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