Beloya 250 g

Beloya 250 g

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Beloya, Yirgacheffe

Farm: Moplaco mosóállomás

Farmer: 200+ smallholders delivering to Moplaco washing station

Varietal: Mixed Heirloom

Altitude: 1,770 m

Process: Natutal

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About this Coffee

This coffee is grown in Beloya and processed at the Moplaco process station located in Kochere. This station was started by Heleannas father Yanni Georgalis in 2005, and the first in Ethiopia and in the world to produce specialty natural.

Kochere is the district where the station is located, with Chelelectu as its main town. At Kochere process station Heleanna keep 5 permanent workers including the manager Tessema Tzigso. But numbers increase during harvest when many more hands are needed to sort the cherries drying to ensure a sweet, clean and mature coffee. Coffee is bought from a number of villages in the area and this specific lot comes from Beloya.


Harvest & Post-harvest

Red cherry are bought from more than 200 farmers in Beloya who grow their coffee on the hills surrounding the process station. On harvest day red coffee cherry are ether brought to the station or collected at pickup points, from producers that have a longer distance from the process station.

This lot is a Natural process where the ripest cherries are sorted out, washed
clean and floated before they dry for 15-20 days on African beds.

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250 g/pcs
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