Las Lajas Black Diamond 200g

Las Lajas Black Diamond 200g
Roasting profile

Country: Costa Rica

Region: Vulkan Poas / West valley

Farm: Finca Las Lajas

Farmer: Francisca és Oscar Chacon

Varietal: Kenia SL 28

Altitude: 1,520 – 1,570 masl

Process: Black Diamond - Natural

In our opinion: A multitude of extreme fermented notes such as Porto wine. Cognac, raisins, overripe pineapple.


Black Diamond

The harvest and processing of the Kenia SL 28 are supervised with great care by Oscar and Francisca. During harvest, Francisca measures the Brix value of the cherry to determine the optimal degree of ripeness, and harvesting begins when the Brix value is about 22°. Harvesting by Brix measurement is also helpful because newer varieties sometimes ripen to different colors: Using the refractometer helps keep the crop at a consistent level of ripeness, which is critical in the production of high-quality naturals and honeys. 

Harvest & post-harvest

This Micro/Nanolot is cared for with special care and love by the family. The Kenya SL 28 is harvested very late and carefully checked for defects by hand and washed under fresh spring water. It is then dried in the sun for about 7 days. Then fermented for another 30 days in very special temperature-controlled, shaded beds using the "black diamond" process. When the water content of 11 percent in the bean is reached, an in-house procedure of repeated heating and cooling leads to the crowning conclusion. This process is extremely labor intensive and results in an incomparable aroma.

Costa RIca
Roasting profile
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