Join us in turning waste into something useful. Meet our sustainable recycled bags made out of green coffee bags. We were determined to act reducing our waste. According to our creed, we combine professional knowledge with passion, so it is not a surprise that even in the case of our bags’ creators a hobby has become a profession. We hope you will greet the handmade burlap bags with much love and find joy in them.


The basic material of the bags is the burlap bag which comes from the farmers whom we buy our green coffees. These bags are sorted with due care before being sent to the makers. The bags are then ironed which is not only for hygienic reasons but also to check the quality in terms of material, dyeing and durability. If everything is fine with the material only the imagination can set a limit for the makers. Each of our bags is unique, none are alike and they are made exclusively from the green coffee bags we are roasting. In the description of the bags, we indicate which coffee bag they were made from so our dear customers can find the bag made from their favorite coffee’s bag.