Reina Elizabeth 250g

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Reina Elizabeth 250g

Region - Costa Rica

Subregion/Town - San Luis of Grecias, West Valley

Variety - Typica, Yellow Catuaí, Villalobos.

Processing -

Altitude: 1500 maslFarm: La Casita

Producer: Marvin Barrantes

Farm Area: 8 ha

Harvest period: December-March


Reina Elizabeth is run by Marvin Barrantes and his son Pablo. Their farm dates back to 1959 but the
mill Reina Elizabeth was built in 2017, and named after his mother. Marvin started to work towards
micro lots with higher selection of variety and better control of fermentation. We have bought coffee
from Marvin ever since. This lot is a black honey Milenio F1, a variety that is strong and resistant,
gives high yield and sweet taste.
This year, Covid-19 hit Costa Rica right at the end of the harvest period. Many buyers were kept away
from traveling, and producers watched how their buying markets in US, Europe and Asia closed down
one by one. Many buyers stepped away from their contracts and producers saw no light in the
Marvin Barrantes had a lot of coffee for sale, and when he was approached by a buyer who could
take it all he sold everything he had. He did save us the lots we had booked though, and we can
continue our relationship this year as well.

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