Félix Morantes 100g

Félix Morantes 100g

Country: Colombia

Region: Curití, Santander

Farm: Café de la Torre

Farmer: Félix Morantes

Variant: Castillo

Altitude of production site: 1,900 m

Processing method: Honey

Our opinion: Apple, Caramel, Butterscotch


The Coffee

We are Café De La Torre, a family business that from generation to

generation we have wanted to produce a coffee of origin grown on our

farm, located in Curití Santander Colombia at 1900 mts.

We grew up around coffee and our motivation makes us work every day to

position ourselves in the preferences of consumers who value a special cup

of coffee.

In my days as a university student and as the son of a coffee farmer, I

wanted to add value to our coffee. This is how I started my business,

quitting my job and dedicating myself fully to my purpose of creating a

business and exporting coffee directly, integrating the farmer with the


I achievied my first export of 1 Ton of green coffee to Sydney Australia at

the age of 24 and currently I have exported coffee to countries such as

Australia, England, Aruba, United States, Chile, Wales, China and Dubai.

The process

This product is made using „Honey” processing, meaning that the cherries are selected by hand, then processed locally at the farm. The cherries are mashed, then the fleshy coffee beans are spread and dried on sheets. The beans are periodically flipped over, so that they are evenly dried.

Article No.
100 g/pcs
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